IoTracker: Rugged, compact, self-powered Sigfox enabled GPS asset tracker

What do planes, trains, boats and automobiles have in common? They all move and they move valuable stuff! Irrespective of the mode of transport, with IoTrack’s low cost, rugged, compact, self-powered IoT based GPS asset tracker you can track the vehicle doing the transport, the cargo, or both!

Whether you want to track powered or non-powered assets, deployed or moving assets, for personal or businesses purposed, the IoTracker is indispensable to any person or business that places a value on their assets, but we can go into more detail.

Thanks to the smart technology built into the IoTracker, integrated with our state-of-the-art web-based tracking platform and mobile tracking application the solutions provides you with a bird’s eye view of your assets.

You will effectively be able to track your assets when its moving, when it’s not moving, and when it’s moving when it shouldn’t be and visa versa.

The technology

The IoTracker is not much bigger than a computer mouse and is built to withstand the elements thanks to its rugged IP67 enclosure.

On the inside of that rugged enclosure, the IoTracker is powered by a long-life lithium-ion battery which allows standard autonomy of up to five years (depending on the configuration).

The loTracker connects to a national and global Sigfox IoT-network infrastructure for reliable and secure communication. The unit’s LPWAN communication protocol makes it an ideal backup tracking unit for traditional GSM(SIM)-based vehicle tracking units which are highly susceptible to GSM signal jamming. The Sigfox network allows for low-power long-range connectivity with optimised data usage which all equates to greater cost and energy efficiency.

The device is fitted with ancillary sensors such as a temperature sensor and an accelerometer for movement detection. In addition, Geo-fencing parameters can be set on the platform with movement, entry and exit alerts.

Planes, trains and anything in between

You might not own a plane or a train, but your assets or cargo could be travelling on any one of these modes of transport and it could be invaluable to have an IoTracker on board.  The use cases are endless – whether you simply require visibility for improved management control, or want to clamp down on theft or need to give clients real time visibility over shipments, IoTrack has a fit for purpose solution for you.

The IoTracker can be used to track vehicles, high-value equipment, tools, trailers, boats, caravans, high-value stock / shipments, parts, golf carts, motorbikes, rental equipment, animals, people etc.

Our website provides a host of use cases of how and where our devices can be put to  effective use.