Secure your holiday assets until you can reunite with them



Parting with your holiday home, leisure toys, caravan, camper or boat after the joyful summer holidays? Need to put your valued holiday assets into storage?

With our IoTracker you can now have peace of mind as you will know exactly where your assets are, whether they are static or on the move.

For reliable and secure communications, the IoTracker provides connection to a national and global IoT (Sigfox) network infrastructure. For your convenience, our tracking settings are also configurable for different applications.

Powered by a long-life Li battery, the IoTracker allows standard autonomy up to five years (depending on the setting) which makes it ideal for tracking both your powered and non-powered assets.

Whether you want to monitor your sportscar, speedboat, beach buggy, jet-ski, trailer, caravan, boat or motorbike, you can easily do so with our tracker. Compact and wireless, it can be easily self-installed and concealed by placing it somewhere out of sight either in or on your asset.

In addition, the IoTracker offers seemingly endless applications, featuring temperature and movement sensors which notify you of ambient temperature and movement.

Since this unit’s communication protocol is not GSM based, it is also an ideal back-up tracking unit for traditional GSM-based vehicle tracking units which are susceptible to GSM signal jamming. With this added security feature, even if your assets do have traditional tracking units installed, the IoTracker gives you more peace of mind knowing you have a back-up unit which can be managed and monitored by yourself. Monitoring is enabled via our state-of-the-art, easy-to-use tracking platform and mobile app, which also includes setting up geo-fences and alerts.

For as little as R49 per month, having visibility and securing valuable assets worth thousands (or even millions) of Rands seems like a no-brainer!

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