Stay safe this holiday season with IoTrack Alert.

Unfortunately, child abductions and hijackings are on the rise again especially during the upcoming holiday season. loTrack Alert is a small application ready Sigfox enabled transceiver perfectly suited for panic, alert and position monitoring applications.

loTrack Alert connects to a national and global Sigfox IoT network infrastructure enabling reliable and secure communication. An integrated button triggers a real time “alert” message sent to prescribed recipients, followed by GPS positioning. The device is compact, easy to carry around and conceal and it’s robust enclosure ensures it can withstand harsh conditions.

This is an ideal panic button from children to the elderly alike. With cyclists, runners and hikers going on rides or walks alone whether it be out on the road, within resorts, national parks etc, with IoTrack they can press the panic button which will immediately alert their families if they encounter any danger. Within busy malls, restaurants, the movies and children’s play areas, the press of the panic button can alert parents of any unusual activity or imminent danger.

Device data such as GPS location, temperature and battery status is securely transmitted via the Sigfox cloud infrastructure to the back-end tracking platform with standard reporting provided. Integrated with our state-of-the-art web-based tracking platform and mobile tracking application you’ll have visibility of your loved ones on the go. Alert SMS’s are sent to nominated cell phone contacts for quick response. The device has a standard autonomy of up to 2.

The application is vast and can also be used in security estates as an integrated free standing, roaming panic system, alerting both estate security and residents of a potential danger, whether on site or not. It can also be used to monitor perimeter and key point patrols, and can also be used to track the location of staff such as security officers, drivers or technicians on demand.