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Wireless self powered tracking units with up to 5 years+ battery life. Our GPS trackers are rugged, easily concealable and allows for quick and hassle free self installation.

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Asset Tracking

Our solution is cost effective, reliable and flexible making it ideal for tracking assets. Having adopted the latest tracking technologies, our unique set of products comes in various configurations and caters for a multitude of applications. Our asset trackers are self-powered with unsurpassed battery life and does not entail lengthy and complicated installation. Whether your assets are moving, or are static and should not be moving, our solution allows you to keep track of them. Be it a boat, trailer, tractor, driver, painting, parcel or high value shipment, we have the right product to give you the visibility you need.

IoTrack puts you in control!

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Asset Management

Integrated with our state-of-the-art tracking platform and mobile tracking app, we are able to connect the physical world with the digital world, giving you visibility and improved management control of your assets. Our tracking platform allows for customizable fields giving you a personalised asset management platform to suit your individual needs.

Peripheral sensors on certain units also provide critical information i.e. temperature, light and air quality. This feature allows for visibility on environmental factors and is especially handy in applications such as cold storage logistics, fridge monitoring and agriculture.

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