GSM Trackers

Q2 Mini Portable GPS Tracker

Q2 Personal Tracker is a miniature GSM based GPS tracker designed for personal and asset tracking.

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AT4 GPS Tracker

Compact self-powered, rugged long-life asset tracker.

The state-of-the-art features and rugged design make the AT4 GPS Tracker ideal for vehicle and asset tracking.

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Sigfox Trackers

Sigfox delivers the network and the protocols required to allow an object to share its data from anywhere in the world.

IoTrack Compact

Compact, self-powered, rugged, Sigfox enabled GPS tracking unit.

The loTrack Compact is a Sigfox enabled GPS tracker. This compact and rugged unit is perfectly suited for tracking smaller assets.

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IoTrack Alert

Small, self-powered GPS based Alert button.

loTrack Alert is a small Sigfox enabled GPS positioning button. Perfectly suited for panic button, alert and position monitoring applications.

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Rugged, compact, self-powered Sigfox enabled GPS asset tracker.

The IoTracker is a Sigfox enabled asset tracker. Powered by a long-life Li battery, it allows standard autonomy up to 5 years+ (depending on configuration) and is ideal for tracking powered or non-powered assets.

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Be it a boat, trailer, tractor, driver, painting, parcel or high value shipment, we have the right product to give you the visibility you need.

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