About Us

IoTrack is powered by Greystone Technologies, a leading and established South African based technology company specialising in M2M and IoT solutions. The name IoTrack stems from Internet of Things (IoT) + Tracking and is a purpose built solution specifically developed for personal and asset tracking. Compared to traditional GSM & RF based tracking products, our solution is significantly more cost effective, it is reliable and flexible which makes it ideal for tracking almost any asset.
Whether your assets are moving, or are static and should not be moving, our solution allows you to keep track of them!

Our product range includes both GSM and Sigfox (non-GSM) based tracking units which caters for a multitude of applications, from tracking people, to parcels to high value assets. The units are wireless and self powered some with up to 5 years+ battery life. They are rugged, easily concealable, configurable and allows for quick and hassle free self installation. Integrated with our state of the art tracking platform and mobile application, we are able to connect the physical world with the digital world, giving you visibility and improved management control of your assets.

Be it a boat, trailer, tractor, golf cart, painting, parcel, driver, child or bulldozer you’d like to track, we have the right product for you.


Why loTrack

  • Low cost low power solution
  • Wireless self powered tracking units with unsurpassed battery life
  • GSM and Sigfox (non-GSM / no sim) enabled GPS trackers
  • Reliable, rugged, easily concealable and hassle free self-installation
  • Extended product range catering for the multitude of applications
  • Flexible – configurable tracking settings and easily moveable between assets
  • Integrated with our state-of-the-art tracking platform and mobile tracking app giving you visibility on the go.
  • Peripheral sensors and reporting i.e temperature, accelorometer (movement) detection, geo-fencing